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La gamme Surface Metrology Mahr englobe les appareils de mesure de rugosité, ondulation et contours.
Ces mesures sont essentiellement basées sur la méthode du profil. Les profils 2D avec leurs paramètres associés sont documentés et calculés d’après les normes internationales. Avec les équipements MarSurf, vous êtes à la pointe de la technologie car la réussite et le développement en sont les atouts !

MarSurf XC 2
MarSurf XC2
Your entry into precision contour measurement

Measuring and evaluating function-related geometries on workpieces and tools is an elementary requirement in research, engineering and industry. The quick, simple and inexpensive 2D contour measuring system is increasingly being chosen in preference to other methods. MarSurf XC 2 satisfies all demands in terms of accuracy and range of evaluation criteria. At the same time it consistently delivers safe and reliable results.

Key Features
– With associative elements, parameters that are dependent on datum elements are recalculated as soon as a datum element is changed
– Password-protected user access permissions to prevent improper use
– Outstanding calibration processes based on many years of experience, including geometry calibration, measuring force calibration, bend compensation and many more
– Sturdy, rigid probes
– Smooth running, sturdy and accurate drive unit
– Automatic lowering and raising of the probe arm at individually adjustable speeds
– High positioning accuracy
– Patented probe arm fixing for collision protection

MarSurf XC 20
MarSurf XC20
The international benchmark for contour measurement
The MarSurf XC 20 is recognized as the ultimate in contour evaluation. What started some 30 years ago with the Konturograph – consisting of a drive unit and X-/Y-recorders #96 has developed into a top-quality contour measuring system using cutting-edge technology. The finely tuned device configuration offers superb performance standards. The drive unit and the measuring stand are controlled and positioned via the reliable measuring and evaluation software.

Key Features
– User prompts can be displayed
– Interactive control elements support evaluations and automatic routines
– Measurement of upper and lower contours with a twin-stylus probe; a relative evaluation of the two contours is also possible
– Profile section images, with evaluation of different parameters for each section
– Segmented measurement is possible across obstacles such as bores or steep sides
– Import and export of dxf files supported for setpoint/actual value comparison
– PCV 200 drive unit with patented probe arm fixing for reproducible probe arm change without tools
– Patented probe system for measuring station flexibility
– Manually variable tracing forces also support flexibility

Marsurf XCR20
MarSurf XCR20
Roughness and contour measurement at a measuring station !
This combined measuring station allows both surface roughness and
contour measurements to be performed at a single measuring station.
Depending on the measuring task, either the GD 25 drive unit for surface roughness measurements or the PCV drive unit for contour measurements can be activated.
The two measuring systems are fixed to the measuring stand by means of a combi holder.

Key Features
– Space-saving design: the two drive units can be adapted by means of the corresponding combi holder to MarSurf ST 500 or ST 750 measuring stands
– Roughness and contour evaluation from a single measurement
– High-precision contour and roughness evaluation on components requiring a long stroke and very high resolution with the MarSurf LD 130 / LD 260 measuring system
– Quick changeover between roughness and contour measurement simply by switching within the software platform and swapping mechanical components such as the drive unit and probe

Marsurf UD120
MarSurf UD 120 is a high-end contour and roughness measuring station with integrated optical measuring system. Roughness and contour evaluations are calculated from a single profile. To carry out these two measuring tasks with just one measurement requires a highly accurate measuring system which can offer both the relatively large measuring stroke needed for contour measurement in radii, on slopes or on free-form surfaces and resolution in the nm range for surface roughness measurement.
Key Features
– The magnetic probe holder allows for a flexible choice of probes and rapid changeover, combined with excellent security
– Guaranteed positioning accuracy in the µm range when switching probes, along with collision protection, rigidity and probe stability at nanometric resolutions
– A calibration method designed for maximum accuracy ensures reliable results
– Software-controlled, variably adjustable measuring forces remain constant over the entire measuring stroke for flexibility and safety. The optimal measuring force can be selected according to the material properties of the testpiece and the chosen probe
– The MarSurf X series offers morphological filtering for increased accuracy
– Probe arm change with no need to recalibrate. The storage of calibration data for each arm and the magnetic probe holder ensure superb reproducibility

MarSurf UD130
MarSurf UD130 :The first step into high-precision roughness and contour metrology

Key Features
With the MarSurf UD130 Mahr has created the successor to the successful MarSurf UD120 and closed the gap between the high-end solution MarSurf LD130/LD260 and the standard combination measuring station MarSurf XCR20 with two drive units.

MarSurf LD130/260
MarSurf LD 130 / LD 260. A step into a new dimension !
Combined contour and roughness measurements in just one step come courtesy of proven cutting-edge technology from Mahr metrology. The MarSurf LD 130 and MarSurf LD 260 measuring stations have been systematically developed to draw on the experience from the first generation of equipment.

Key Features
– Roughness and contour in just one step
– High measuring and positioning speed cuts measuring times dramatically
– Innovative probe system removal
– Quick and reliable probe arm exchange with simultaneous probe arm detection by magnetic bracket
– Long measuring length up to 260 mm (MarSurf LD 260) with a measuring stroke of 13 mm (100 mm probe arm length) or 26 mm (200 mm probe arm length)
– Modular construction for ease of maintenance
– No need to fully dismantle the measuring stand for maintenance

MarSurf XC2/XC20

MarSurf LD130/260

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