Systèmes d’analyse de la forme


La mesure haute précision des défauts de forme
MarForm est le logiciel d’analyse des défauts de forme haute précision développé par Mahr. Ces systèmes sont utilisés pour analyser les écarts de forme sur n’importe quelle pièce, dans tous les évironnements de mesures. Les analyses de circularité, cylindricité, rectitude, parallélisme, défauts de forme, position, etc sont conformes à la norme ISO 1101.
La gamme Formtester propose un matériel adapté à chaque besoin. Grace à leur facilité d’utilisation, les Formtester vous feront gagner du temps et de l’argent. En production, le mode automatique permet à l’utilisateur de faire d’autres tâches pendant le cycle de mesure et d’analyse.
MarForm : des machines de mesures de circularité et cylindricité de haute précision.

MarForm MMQ 100
The MarForm MMQ 100 form tester is the ideal solution for simple yet powerful measuring tasks.

Key Features

– Fast and accurate measuring results
– Mechanical bearings for reliability
– Large measuring volume
– Low weight and compact size for greater mobility
– Fast, computer-aided workpiece alignment
– Centering and tilting knobs for coarse and fine adjustment
– Universal and reliable
– Workshop compatible, as no compressed air connection required
– Touchscreen design eliminates the need for a keyboard or mouse
– Digital encoders in Z and X transfer the measuring position directly to the software

MarForm MMQ 150
MarForm MMQ 150 – The entry into the world of cylindricity metrology !
The MMQ 150 is an automatic measuring machine for the testing of form and location tolerances:
– Use in production or measuring room
– Fast and easy operation
– Measuring accuracy, optimized for cylindricity tolerances
– Reduces number of rejected parts, saves time, lowers production costs
– Maintenance-free, high-precision mechanical bearings

Key Features

The MMQ 150 measuring station offers you a complete system solution for the monitoring of form and position tolerances for the quality assurance of your products. The MMQ 150 was designed for accuracy, speed and easy operation, all in a very compact construction. Only highly precise, maintenance-free mechanical bearings are used, thus eliminatng the need for regular maintenance and exchange of compressed air components. The use of mechanical air bearings havebeen successfully used for many years in other Mahr formtesters, such as the table formtester MMQ 400 and reference formtester MFU 100. The interplay of rotary table axis and vertical axis have been optimized in such a manner, that the MMQ 150 is especially suited for the meaurement of cylinder form tolerance deviations. The operating and measuring software EasyForm is very easy to used and can be intuitively learned. No programming knowledge is required in order to perform a simple measurement with measuring record in only a few steps. With the help of the teach-in programming included in the software, program runs with a user-defined complete measuring record can just as easily be created. The created measuring programs can easily be activated via the user interface with the 32 freely available operation keys or the 3 freely configurable program keys on the operation panel of the MMQ 150. An overview of the most important features of the MMQ 150:
– High-precison roundness measuring machine (C)
– Motorized vertical measuring axis (Z)
– Motorized horizontal positioning axis (X)
– Manual centering and tilting table
– Manual lenth measuring probe T20W
– Ergonomic operating panel enables the activation of selected measuring programs (P1, P2, P3)
– Compact, space-saving construction
– All-in-One touchscreen PC
– Easy to use and intuitively learnable software EasyForm

MarForm MMQ 200
The MMQ 200 is the compact form measuring machine for manufacturing workshops and inspection rooms.

Key Features

– Proof of form and position deviations as per DIN/ISO 1101
– Fully automatic measuring sequences
– Precision roundness measuring axis (C)
– Motorized vertical measuring axis (Z)
– Motorized horizontal positioning axis (X)
– Manual centering and tilting table
– T20W manual length measuring probe or
– T7W motorized probe
– Ergonomic control panel, can also be used to start selected measuring programs (P1, P2, P3)

MarForm MMQ 400
MarForm MMQ 400 is suitable for universal use for extensive workpiece evaluation according to DIN ISO 1101.

Key Features

High-precision measuring axes in Z and X make every form measuring task possible. MarForm MMQ 400 is available in different versions for
– high-precision workpieces
– unusually long workpieces
– large and heavy workpieces
– use in production or in the precision measuring room
– Different modules are available with which the MarForm MMQ 400 can optimally be prepared for your requirements:
– Motorized or manual centering and tilting table
– Vertical axis (Z)with 900 mm, 500 mm or 350 mm measuring length
– Horizontal axis (X) with 180 mm or 280 mm measuring length and with digital linear scales in the X and Z axis. For measurements, with which the exact, reproducible locating of the measuring point influences the result.
– Manual or fully automatic probe with short measuring circuit, high linearity, low measuring force.
– Path control for the fast measuring of a nominal contour

MarForm MMQ 400 with path control
The new MCPC (Mahr Continuous Path Control) of MarForm enables moving along a two-dimensional path (nominal contour) by
moving two axes simultaneously. Here, ten-times higher measuring
speeds of up to 5 mm/s can be obtained.

MarForm MMQ 400 with tailstock option
Many shaft-like workpieces can now be clamped between two centers for measurement instead of being held just on one end in a rim chuck. Clamping shafts between centers drastically reduces the time required for alignment. The option tailstock for MMQ 400-2 is a further increases the efficiency of your MarForm MMQ 400-2.
MarForm MMQ100

MarForm MMQ150

MarForm MMQ200

MarForm MMQ400

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