The tasks of production metrology are growing with high-speed parallel to the innovations in the production process. By ever increasing accuracy requirements and declining cycle times in the production (turning, milling, grinding, etc.), rapid measurement directly on the production machine is inevitable. Measuring where the product is produced, with fast feedback to the production process in order to avoid waste.

The MarShaft SCOPE plus is a universal, fully automatic optical shaft measuring system for testing rotationally symmetrical workpieces.

The MarShaft SCOPE plus has a highly accurate roundness measuring axis (C), a vertical measuring axis (Z) and a horizontal measuring axis (X).

A tactile measuring system with an inductive measuring probe is available as an option, for measuring radial and axial run-out or straightness, for example. The measuring device is calibrated to the optical measuring system, so it can perform tactile and optical measuring tasks in combination.

The new MarWin EasyShaft software provides a high level of flexibility and exceptionally user-friendly operation.

The measuring sequences are carried out fully automatically, free from operator influences.

The MarShaft SCOPE plus is suitable for use in both the harsh workshop environment and in the inspection room. Zoom functions allow the smallest details to be measured, which with conventional measuring methods are difficult if not impossible to test.
Shaft measuring station « MarShaft Scope Plus » increases the measuring speed and accuracy of your measurements, the new software EasyShaft is easy to operate and offers more applications.

  • Flexible optical measuring system to measure turned parts
  • Highest precision directly in production
  • Reliable measuring values without user influence
  • The new software MarWin EasyShaft offers great flexibility and easy operation





  • The familiar Windows® user interface provides short training periods
  • Uniform Mahr user interface for all products (e.g. EasyForm or Contour
  • Clearly structured thanks to windows technique
  • 100% touchscreen operation
  • Easiest programming with macros (e.g. diameter measurement with one mouse click)
  • Many directly selectable functions using clear symbols (icons)
  • Control of machine movement possible using touchscreen
  • Constant display of the live image of the matrix camera even during the measurement, i.e. direct visual assessment of the workpiece conditions (e.g. dirt) during measurement
  • Convenient and most modern measuring program management
  • Measuring program sequence with optimized measuring times
  • Clear measuring records in black/white or in color – on all Windows® printers
  • Future-proof investment, operable under Windows 7 Ultimate
  • Optional data export to statistics programs




Measurement of turned parts such as:

  • Camshafts
  • Drive shafts
  • Gear shafts
  • Gear racks
  • Turbocharger shaft
  • Hollow shafts, etc.



  • Tactile measuring unit for the measurement of radial and axial run-outs
  • Temperature compensation
  • Offline programming
  • Manual control panel

MarShaft Scope Plus 250


MarShaft Scope Plus

MarShaft Scope Plus

Check-out the new MarShaft Scope 250 Plus in action!

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